Family Competition 

I have been dealing with this for so long until it has literally worn me out. The funny thing is I never thought of myself in competition with anyone in my family so when people outside of the family see or hear things they instantly say seems like you are in a rivalry and to be honest I knew it but have always tried to overlook things.

I often would think it was just some being themselves but after I have really sat back and thought about all the nice nasty jabs that would be thrown my way at times, I would just laugh it off and keep moving because again I never thought of being in competition with family. 

I can no longer have anything to do with this negativity from anyone and I have been told for so long it is family you just have to deal. This wrong to tell anyone to keep dealing with disrespect even if it is family. I no longer have the energy to coddle grown adults and allow anyone to speak to me any kind of way because I don’t allow disrespect at all from a non family member. Yes I know feelings will be hurt or I will be considered “acting funny”, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be disrespected by family and this should be taught early,  family is about love, honor and respect but if you are not getting any of that but only get it when someone may need something from you, you are well within your right to excuse yourself from the negative energy and love people from a distance.  

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