We Made It To Friday

Good morning y’all!!

Here is a video from the late great Prince, I have been rockin to him all morning.

It is Friday and I’m so thankful. We have a had crazy week in politics which made us a little stressed but hey it’s FRIDAY so let’s start the day with a bang and end with a bigger one. 

This morning I started off with loaded breakfast fries (forgot to snap a picture) but it was delicious! And I had a strawberry/banana smoothie, so hey I’m starting my day with a delicious bang!!!

“Forget about the past week, it’s Friday and time to start a new day.”

“Smile! It’s Friday and time to party the weekend away.”

Looking forward to hitting the beach later with fam! Have a fabulous Friday loves!!! Have an awesome weekend!

Don’t forget self care, it is a must!

Politics and Self Care 

Today’s speech by the man at the white house has literally made my head hurt, I feel like… I don’t know what I feel anymore. Disgust. This is just plain crazy. 

Sitting and watching him on tv giving his rant OMG. What did I just watch? He blamed the anti-racism protesters. Not the aggressors over the weekend.

Yes, racism has always existed in America. Yes we know that but he just basically gave the green light to those people who hate everyone else to keep the hate going.

Statues has nothing to do with it now!

Everyone tried to tell people this how it would play out, hell other countries warned also……Including this woman 

has said from day one things would get awful day by day.

No one listened and now this is where we are now.

So this is where Self Care is needed for everyone.

Self-care is imperative in maintaining a healthy mental space for yourself

Escape with a book. Take a break from news, news podcasts, social media and I love me some twitter but sometimes I delete the app so I won’t be tempted when I’m taking a break, and grab me a good book or invest in a few new ones.

Get some fresh air. Go for a walk, a run, or eat your lunch in outside and really appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.Take yourself out to a fabulous meal, alone. This can be dreadfully frightening but you will really begin to appreciate the food, your time, and your relationship with yourself much more.

Create a playlist of music that makes you smile, dance, or sing.

Add something healthy to your routine each day. Nurture Your Body. Treat yourself to that massage, facial, or scalp massage on your next hair appointment and let someone take care of you for a little while, you deserve it.

Activate Your Inner Child.

Something I do in a heartbeat, pull a cartoon or animated movie and just get lost.

Do what makes your inner child smile!!!

Silence the phone, tablets. Indulge in the moment and forget about the incoming call, text or email for as long as you can, turn off the breaking news alerts.

Laugh, draw, paint, build, cook, do something that activates your creative side. Having trouble? Get online and use Pintrest as inspiration.

Use the Nice Towels. Or the good china or bath salts whatever you have been “saving” for a special occasion. You are special and right now is the occasion to celebrate!!!!

Self care is not selfish in 2017 it is a must.

Yes, It’s Monday Again

Music vibes this morning⬆

( love me so Lalah!)

Yes I know it is Monday, the not so favorite day of the week, lol, but let’s try and welcome with enthusiasm, enormous hope and a tank full of energy!!!!!

Positive words, attittude, and self affirmation. You can accomplish anything that you need to get done today! want to be. 

Have some coffee, tea, or whatever breakfast drink you have and let’s get it done!

This Week Coming Up

Whatever project or goal you desire to make happen, you must believe you can make it happen or else it will never happen. Believing you can make it happen places you a position to think result, solutions, strategies and not complain and worries. 

When you are faced with difficulties or setbacks, you choose think of how to keep attacking and not how to retreat. You deserve the good life. You deserve to be happy!
YOU WERE TRULY BORN TO WIN! Stay motivated! 

Mood Affected

The image below is how my Friday started, finally all four of us ladies had clear schedules to link up and hang out! Had a blast and much needed girl time because we all have hectic schedules so we have the most fun each time like it is our last.

I was not on social media at all Friday so I had no clue what was going on Friday night in Virginia, so when I decided to get on social media had me like WHOA, I watched yesterday how things were very bad in Virginia and instantly put me in a mood

As a person of color, yes I am angry and honestly fed up. I have to explain to my kids each time to always stay alert because you never know what will happen especially after seeing what happened on yesterday.

I was just not feeling the images online and on tv. I finally had to disconnect from everything and just some jazz on, hubby and I chilled for the rest of the evening.

Not to mention this week has been extremely rough, things have gotten in the way of  my self care, for some reason everyone wanted to try Char this week with useless opinions. I have not felt like blogging words of encouragement this week because this week I needed it. I let me self care dwindle.

Few days this week I have just pretty much been lazy after work and letting people fall on their on swords without me giving a care because you cant keep helping people who don’t want to be helped it will drain your soul. I have been binge watching some of my old favorite shows shows just doing nothing my biggest supporter has just fed me and watched shows with me when he came  in from work and it felt nice to shut the world out. 

My text messages were not answered if it was not him or kids everyone else could figure things out on their own.

It is time be honest with ourselves, everyone gets tired and want to be left alone mood every now and then, and this week I was level 20 of leave me the hell alone. But now I think I am coming out of my mood and ready to rejoin the world I guess Lol.
This week I have made pretty much been gettiing ready for room makeovers and binge watched the The Wire, Sopranos, and Different World.

So do whatever you need to do to relax your way and let everyone else and everything fall on deaf ears until you are ready to do, there is no harm in doing so.

Today’s affirmations: 

I am strong, empowered and capable of anything.

I am free from expectations and criticism.

I am worthy of abundance.


Bourbon Caramel Cake

This super impressive Bourbon Caramel Cake is actually ridiculously easy to pull off and is perfect for entertaining!
It really couldn’t be simpler. You whip up a quick fool-proof caramel sauce spiked with bourbon and pour it in a cake pan.  And then cover it in a super easy cake batter that takes minutes to mix together.  Throw it in the oven and BOOM… magic.

The best part about this cake? You can really taste the bourbon. 

And it pairs so well with the caramel. It’s like they were meant to be together. 
The only thing missing is you and a fork.


1 c butter, softened

1/2 c shortening

2 c light brown sugar

5 large eggs, room temp

5 oz half and half, room temp

2 T Four Roses Bourbon

3 c all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 T pure vanilla extract
Caramel Glaze:

1/2 c firmly packed light brown sugar

1/2 c Four Roses Bourbon

1/4 c whipping cream

1/4 c butter

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 1/4 c powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cream butter and shortening at medium speed. Graduallly add brown sugar, beating until light and creamy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended.

Add bourbon to half and half, set aside.Stir together flour, baking powder, and salt in a separate bowl. 

Add flour mixture alternately with milk mixture to creamed ingredients beginning and ending with flour. Beat at low speed just until blended after each addition.Stir in vanilla. 

Pour batter into a greased and floured 10 inch bundt (12 cup) pan.

Bake at 325 for 1 hour 5 to 10 minutes.A long wooden pick inserted in the center should come out clean when cake is done. Cool in pan on wire rack 10 to 15 minutes; remove from pan.Remove cake from pan and cool completely on a wire rack. 

It will take about an hour for the cake to cool completely.

Caramel Glaze:

Bring brown sugar, bourbon, whipping cream, and butter to a boil in a 2 quart sauce pan over medium heat. Whisk constantly. Boil 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Gradually whisk in powdered sugar until smooth and mixture begins to thicken. 

This will take 3 to 5 minutes. Immediately pour frosting over cooled cake.

Family Competition 

I have been dealing with this for so long until it has literally worn me out. The funny thing is I never thought of myself in competition with anyone in my family so when people outside of the family see or hear things they instantly say seems like you are in a rivalry and to be honest I knew it but have always tried to overlook things.

I often would think it was just some being themselves but after I have really sat back and thought about all the nice nasty jabs that would be thrown my way at times, I would just laugh it off and keep moving because again I never thought of being in competition with family. 

I can no longer have anything to do with this negativity from anyone and I have been told for so long it is family you just have to deal. This wrong to tell anyone to keep dealing with disrespect even if it is family. I no longer have the energy to coddle grown adults and allow anyone to speak to me any kind of way because I don’t allow disrespect at all from a non family member. Yes I know feelings will be hurt or I will be considered “acting funny”, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be disrespected by family and this should be taught early,  family is about love, honor and respect but if you are not getting any of that but only get it when someone may need something from you, you are well within your right to excuse yourself from the negative energy and love people from a distance.