Mood Affected

The image below is how my Friday started, finally all four of us ladies had clear schedules to link up and hang out! Had a blast and much needed girl time because we all have hectic schedules so we have the most fun each time like it is our last.

I was not on social media at all Friday so I had no clue what was going on Friday night in Virginia, so when I decided to get on social media had me like WHOA, I watched yesterday how things were very bad in Virginia and instantly put me in a mood

As a person of color, yes I am angry and honestly fed up. I have to explain to my kids each time to always stay alert because you never know what will happen especially after seeing what happened on yesterday.

I was just not feeling the images online and on tv. I finally had to disconnect from everything and just some jazz on, hubby and I chilled for the rest of the evening.

Not to mention this week has been extremely rough, things have gotten in the way of  my self care, for some reason everyone wanted to try Char this week with useless opinions. I have not felt like blogging words of encouragement this week because this week I needed it. I let me self care dwindle.

Few days this week I have just pretty much been lazy after work and letting people fall on their on swords without me giving a care because you cant keep helping people who don’t want to be helped it will drain your soul. I have been binge watching some of my old favorite shows shows just doing nothing my biggest supporter has just fed me and watched shows with me when he came  in from work and it felt nice to shut the world out. 

My text messages were not answered if it was not him or kids everyone else could figure things out on their own.

It is time be honest with ourselves, everyone gets tired and want to be left alone mood every now and then, and this week I was level 20 of leave me the hell alone. But now I think I am coming out of my mood and ready to rejoin the world I guess Lol.
This week I have made pretty much been gettiing ready for room makeovers and binge watched the The Wire, Sopranos, and Different World.

So do whatever you need to do to relax your way and let everyone else and everything fall on deaf ears until you are ready to do, there is no harm in doing so.

Today’s affirmations: 

I am strong, empowered and capable of anything.

I am free from expectations and criticism.

I am worthy of abundance.



Morning music vibes

Every now and then, we find ourselves in a situation that requires inner peace. These are the times when the emotions rise up, when there are anxieties, worries, uncertainties or conflicts.

Times like this we need to create a place of freedom, inner strength and serenity. Affirm to yourself. I am now free. Peace, love, and harmony are within and around me. 

Today’s affirmations:

Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.

Friendly Reminder For This Week

Look into your eyes often. Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Look into the mirror, at least once a day, say, I Love you I really do! 

Remember the things that give you joy incorporate them into your life now. Find a way to have fun with everything you do. Let yourself express the joy of living. Smile. Laugh.

Self love daily affirmations:

I feel completely comfortable with myself and accept myself with love, respect and appreciation.

I accept myself unconditionally.

The only approval I’ll ever need is mine. 

I radiate love, peace and happiness.

What I give is what I receive.

I am a work of art, cherished and admired.

I accept others as they are and they in turn accept me as I am.

I deserve all that is good.

I’m a diamond already. It’s time to shine!

I radiate confidence, self-respect and inner harmony.

I am fierce.

I am balanced.

I honor my inner voice.

I am abundant.

I choose to be grateful for all that I have.

I am powerful beyond my wildest dreams.

My voice is valuable will be heard

Self-love comes to me with ease.

My relationship with my body is one of perfect harmony.

I trust my body’s natural wisdom.

I feel at peace with my appearance.

I see my struggles as opportunities to grow and learn.

Nothing stands in the way of my self love. 

Self Care Awareness 

When stress increases, self-care decreases. 

Adding self-care strategies into your life can make a serious impact on your life.

Self Care Ideas:

Plan a comedy night, with the internet or at a club

Drink your coffee with your whole attention.

Say 3 affirmations before you walk into a tough meeting.

Create a grab bag of healthy snacks for your car.

Experiment with eating 3 foods in different ways: 

Cut the hamburger in quarters, eat the ice cream sitting on the fit ball, put the spoon down between bites 

Put your feet in a bath of epsom salt as you watch your favorite TV show.

Reconnect with an old friend.

Engage an old passion, like painting, playing piano or dancing.

Find ways to incorporate fish into your diet more often.

Walk during your lunch 

Eat predictably and regularly.

Practice deep breathing.

Go somewhere beautiful outdoors, sit in the sunshine and get your Vitamin D.

Listen to soothing music instead of having the TV on.

Practice gentle stretching to release tight muscles.

Write a gratitude list.

Paint your nails or get a manicure.

Try making batch of your favorite cookies or some of your go-to foods you enjoy making.

Schedule one silent, mindful meal at home each week.

Do a crossword puzzle or read (brain health).

Cut veggies up and have them in the fridge so you have easy and quick access.

Write a bucket list.

Plan your next vacation.

Download and listen to a podcast for your commute.

Have conversations with your loved ones about how they can best support you.

Spend time with the energy makers in your life and less time with the energy takers.

Find a fulfilling breakfast that makes you feel great.

Reach out and hug someone Celebrate your small successes!

Pick three of these ideas and see if they make a difference, then add more as you go.